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Cottage Time

All photos taken on May 17, 2022. Staying a few days in a cottage surrounded by nature can’t really make time stand still, but it can help slow life down a bit. All too often, we choose to hustle and bustle about, keeping busy with mundane tasks and we think we are accomplishing important work.Continue reading “Cottage Time”

Nanaimo Interlude

All photos taken on May 16, 2022. We were last here on July 22, 2021, but here is the scoop on this small city. Nanaimo is a city on the East coast of Vancouver Island, with a population of around 105,000 in the metro area. The name Nanaimo is an anglicized pronunciation of the nameContinue reading “Nanaimo Interlude”

End of an Era

Photos taken on a variety of dates. It is indeed a sad day and the end of an era. After 18 years in business on Whyte Avenue, our favourite restaurant, Langano Skies (Ethiopian cuisine) closed their doors to guests on June 19/22. To say this was our favourite Edmonton restaurant, is an understatement. Dining hereContinue reading “End of an Era”

Benji, the Wonder Dog’s New Cape

All photos taken on February 4, 2021. While we were in Vancouver, we did our best to help B & K out by driving them to appointments, walking Benji and shopping for groceries and meals. From time to time, we could all use a helping hand. After driving around to connect with two appointments, weContinue reading “Benji, the Wonder Dog’s New Cape”

Rainy Day Reprieve

All photos taken on January 30, 2022. Due to a rainy day, our explorations were limited. We did head over to B & K’s for a visit, arriving just in time to see a sunset with a promise of a better tomorrow. Rainy Day Reprieve © Technicolour Sky spreads over city skyline. Rainy Day Reprieve.

Forest Walk

All photos taken on January 29, 2022. After our morning saunter to Coal Harbour and lunch, we picked up B, K and Benji, the Wonder Dog at their place and headed for the hills. Well, mountains actually. Vancouver is surrounded on one side by the ocean and on two others by the mountains, presenting manyContinue reading “Forest Walk”