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Analogue Adventures – Europe 1984 -Florence, Italy to Sisikon, Switzerland

All photos taken on June 29, 1984. Another Italian city, another Italian breakfast of, you know…rolls and coffee. We were leaving Italy for Switzerland today and it would be a fairly long drive. Our time to be at the back of the bus had arrived before we got to Rome, so we were gradually movingContinue reading “Analogue Adventures – Europe 1984 -Florence, Italy to Sisikon, Switzerland”

Analogue Adventures – Europe 1984 -Rome to Florence, Italy

All photos taken on June 28, 1984. Another morning, another breakfast of…..rolls and coffee. We were off to Florence today and had high hopes to see Michelangelo’s David. It was a 3 hour drive and by the time we got to Florence it was after Noon. We found ourselves stranded on Piazza Michelangelo with fineContinue reading “Analogue Adventures – Europe 1984 -Rome to Florence, Italy”