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Celebrating #45

Photos taken at various dates and times between September 1-7, 2022. September is our favourite time of year, it is often sunny and mild, with warm breezes, most of the biting bugs are gone and the outdoor world is so colourful. We got engaged in the September, we got married in the September and 45Continue reading “Celebrating #45”


All photos taken May 25, 2022. Our hotel stay included breakfast. We are still not comfortable sitting in indoor dining areas, so I popped down to see what was on offer, before the breakfast opened. One other guest was pouring coffee and he had a mask on. Looks like the right vibe to me. MostContinue reading “Homeward”

Down Beside Talbot Lake

All photos taken on May 10, 2022. We have stopped at Talbot Lake in Jasper in all kinds of weather in all seasons. May is always a time of renewal as winter turns into spring. We enjoyed a stop to eat our PB & J sandwiches and stretch our legs. Down Beside Talbot Lake ©Continue reading “Down Beside Talbot Lake”


All photos taken on February 6, 2022. I must admit, Jasper National Park and the Alberta boundary were a welcome sight on this day. We were thrilled to reach the Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains and be only 4 hours away from home. This was our 9th trip along this route in under 2Continue reading “Parked”