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Sombrio Beach Daydreaming

All photos taken May 19, 2022. After retracing our steps across the bridge, we again turned right and soon found ourselves down at a gorgeous beach. Others were there, but the beach was not crowded in any sense of the word. We all agreed we could sit here for a while and contemplate our dayContinue reading “Sombrio Beach Daydreaming”

Sombrio Beach Hike

All photos taken on May 19, 2022. As we drove back out of Parkinson Creek to the chorus of HOLE! the question of what to do next was put to the group. B had another hike in mind, but was Patty up to it and was anyone else interested. Nobody had made a decision byContinue reading “Sombrio Beach Hike”

On the Rocks

All photos taken on May 19, 2022. As we popped out onto the beach from the Parkinson Creek to Beach trail, we saw why our efforts to hike the trail were more than worth it. The sunny blue skies and the azure seas were in total harmony with the grey rock beach. It was jawContinue reading “On the Rocks”

Parkinson Creek Trailhead Hike – Juan de Fuca Trail

All photos taken May 19, 2022. The day was gorgeous but cool and we knew the forest and trails would be wet and muddy, but we set off to hike parts of the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail anyway. The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is a rugged 47 kilometres (29 mi) wilderness hiking trail located within Juan deContinue reading “Parkinson Creek Trailhead Hike – Juan de Fuca Trail”

Botanical Beach

All photos taken on May 18, 2022. Given we had a power outage and could do little in the cottage, we opted to complete our hike from the previous day and stop at Botanical Beach. There ought to be some real rough seas this day. We stopped briefly at the Wild Renfrew office and theyContinue reading “Botanical Beach”

Botany Bay 2 – Surf`s Up

All photos taken on May 17, 2022. After a bit more walking, we popped back out on the coast, thinking we were on Botanical Beach. It was only later that we learned this was just another opening to Botany Bay. No worries, we can sit and ponder a bit more. The wind was up andContinue reading “Botany Bay 2 – Surf`s Up”

Botany Bay 1 – On the Rocks

All photos taken on May 17, 2022. Along the Botanic Loop walk, there are several short paths off to the ocean shore, where you can explore. As land-locked Albertans, every chance we get to sit and contemplate the vastness of the ocean, we jump at it. As this is a Provincial Park and conservation area,Continue reading “Botany Bay 1 – On the Rocks”

Botanical Loop Trail

All photos taken May 17, 2022. One reason to be situated in Port Renfrew was so we could take time to hike and explore along the many coastal trails in the area. Our first stop, once we got moving, was Juan de Fuca Provincial Park and the short Botanical Loop Trail. This 2.9-km loop trailContinue reading “Botanical Loop Trail”