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Walk Toward the Light

All photos taken August 30, 2022, our last walk in Bunchberry until October 31, as it was closing during migration and ungulate rutting season. As has frequently happened in the past, the media section of my free Photo Drop WordPress site is too full of photos to add new posts. I still have an AnalogueContinue reading “Walk Toward the Light”

Making the Rounds

All photos taken on August 21, 2022. We alternate between rural and city rides, depending on the day and time we have. This day was an in town ride and with a few zigs and zags, we managed to pedal 25 km. (15 1/2 miles) in about 90 minutes. And in the time and space,Continue reading “Making the Rounds”

(Walk Me Out in the) Morning Dew

All photos taken on August 8. 2022 in Tucker’s Field/Bunchberry Meadows. About the title. I recall this song from my early years. Seems everyone has done covers of it. even Robert Plant former Led Zeppelin vocalist recorded this classic “Morning Dew,” also known as “(Walk Me Out in the) Morning Dew,” is a contemporary folk song byContinue reading “(Walk Me Out in the) Morning Dew”

Freshly Washed

All photos taken on August 2, 2022 during our walk in Tucker’s Field and Bunchberry Meadows. Planning for our weekly forest walk was a bit complicated by the forecast, which continually predicted rain and then did not deliver it. The cooler temperatures were what we were looking for and so we set off to seeContinue reading “Freshly Washed”

The “F” Word

All photos taken on August 2, 2022, during our walk in Tucker’s Field and Bunchberry Meadows. August 2 already and it has been decidedly cooler of late. But, not to worry, there is still plenty of summer left, right? Right? Our walk this date shows perhaps the “F” Word is closer than we think. TheContinue reading “The “F” Word”

Range Road Conundrum

All photos taken on our 28 km bike ride on July 30, 2022. Looking to enjoy another country bike ride, before impending rain showers, we set off East of Beaumont on Township Road 505 as usual. At Range Road 234, we turned North instead of South, until we reached Township Road 510. At 510, weContinue reading “Range Road Conundrum”

Wildflower Bouquet

All photos taken on July 26, 2022, during our walk in Bunchberry Meadows. Each time we walk here in late spring and summer, the wildflowers blow us away. Today was no exception. In our two week absence, there was a changing of the guard. Marsh Marigolds were long gone and Common Fleabane flowers were thickContinue reading “Wildflower Bouquet”

I hate to pass the Buck, but I could use a little Doe. Bee still, Little Butterfly!

All photos taken on July 26, 2022 on our Bunchberry Meadows hike. I know I am clutching at straws with my rather lengthy, silly title, but since we switched our walk time to an hour earlier, we have been spotting more wildlife. Hmmmm. Who knew? Today was the real Motherlode. Scene in Passing © WhitetailContinue reading “I hate to pass the Buck, but I could use a little Doe. Bee still, Little Butterfly!”

a Sunday City Cycle

All photos taken on July 24, 2022. After our recent cycle around Beaumont, we opted top see if we could retrace our route. Turns out, my memory is not what it used to be, but we came reasonably close, despite that, plus added on a few kilometers for a total of about 19.6 km (12Continue reading “a Sunday City Cycle”