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Dawning on Us

All photos taken on May 20, 2022. One last chance to take in the morning scene. How lucky were we? Coffee made and in hand, I head out to enjoy one last look. We had enjoyed our stay in the Salty Dog in Port Renfrew. View from our deck Another hiker heads across Port SanContinue reading “Dawning on Us”

S’mores & S’unset

All photos taken on May 19, 2022. What better way to end the perfect day than with S’mores on the back deck and then a walk down to the inlet to watch the sun set. After all, we had brought the roasting sticks from home, we had marshmallows, chocolate and biscuits left and a backContinue reading “S’mores & S’unset”

A Better Morning

All photos taken on May 19, 2022. The weather forecast for today held great promise, mostly sunny, albeit still cool, with lighter winds. It would be a good day for hiking, but the forest would still be very wet. We enjoyed our coffee and watched the inlet greet the day. A Better Morning © MistContinue reading “A Better Morning”

Cottage Time

All photos taken on May 17, 2022. Staying a few days in a cottage surrounded by nature can’t really make time stand still, but it can help slow life down a bit. All too often, we choose to hustle and bustle about, keeping busy with mundane tasks and we think we are accomplishing important work.Continue reading “Cottage Time”

All Hands on Deck

All photos taken May 16, 2022. Port Renfrew amongst other things, is the jumping off or end point for those wishing to hike the West Coast Trail. Many, either start or finish here, booking a night’s accommodation, before catching a boat across Port San Juan to begin the hike or ending here with a goodContinue reading “All Hands on Deck”

Salty Dog

All photos taken on May 16, 2022. At long last, we arrived at our destination, Port Renfrew. Originally, we had hoped to get a pet-friendly cottage booking in Tofino/Ucluelet area, but as the May long weekend was approaching, we were too late. I suggested Port Renfrew and B & K were able to secure aContinue reading “Salty Dog”