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Vancouver to Clearwater

All photos taken on May 24, 2022. Given our experiences on previous trips along this route, we looked for a different place to split the trip and settled on Clearwater, about 1 hour 20 minutes past our usual Kamloops stop. This changed the driving time for day two to just over 7 hours. Arriving atContinue reading “Vancouver to Clearwater”

Back to the Mainland

All photos taken on May 24, 2022. Breakfasted early, goodbyes said, we were quickly on route from Saanich to Swartz Bay to catch the 9:00 AM ferry. Even though it was the first day after the long holiday weekend, we need not have worried about not finding a spot on the ferry. One hour beforeContinue reading “Back to the Mainland”

Benji Bye Bye

All photos taken on May 20, 2022. Benji, the Wonder Dog here. Somethin’s goin’ on today. I just can’t quite put my paw on it, but I sense a bit of stress and sadness. First, my pack seemed to be quieter, more wistful and a bit distracted. Oh yeah, I got my walk from myContinue reading “Benji Bye Bye”

Port Renfrew Wander

All photos taken on May 17, 2022. Port Renfrew is a small unincorporated community located on the south shore of Port San Juan, an inlet on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Port Renfrew has a population of 144 (as of the 2016 Canadian census)[and has been touted as “the Tall Tree Capital of Canada”. Port Renfrew has been the home of First Nations sinceContinue reading “Port Renfrew Wander”

Port San Juan

All photos taken on May 17, 2022. Port San Juan is an inlet along the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island. It was formed from the San Juan and Leech River faults which flank the northern and southern slopes of the San Juan Valley. The San Juan and Gordon rivers empty into the inlet from the northeast. The town of Port Renfrew is located on the southern shore of Port SanContinue reading “Port San Juan”

Ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo

All photos taken on May 16, 2022. Driving to the ferry terminal, we wracked our brains, trying to figure out when our last crossing to the island was made from Horseshoe Bay. We thought it might have been in the mid 1990s. When we got home, I checked and determined it was July 1997. ArrivingContinue reading “Ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo”

Cypress Falls Park – West Vancouver

All photos taken on May 16, 2022. Today was a big day. We were loading up the car (and I mean loading) with all the gear required for 4 people and 1 Wonder Dog, so we could travel to Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island. Heading away from B & Ks place around 8:30, we wereContinue reading “Cypress Falls Park – West Vancouver”

Benji’s Lament

All photos taken on May 15, 2022. Walking and shopping from a dog’s point of view. Benji’s Lament © Out for a walk, with my pack in tow where we were going, I did not know. Part of my pack disappeared from view, leaving me outside, feeling so blue. But, Furgrampa waited there with me,Continue reading “Benji’s Lament”

Bagel Breakfast with a View

All photos taken on May 15, 2022. Today would be our last full day in Vancouver on this trip. Tomorrow, we were off to Vancouver Island for 8 days. We still had some hunting and gathering to do for groceries for our stay in Port Renfrew. We thought bagels would be a good breakfast ideaContinue reading “Bagel Breakfast with a View”

the Great Pie Caper

All photos taken on May 14, 2022. No trip to Vancouver is ever complete without a trip to Tartine Bread and Pies on Beach Avenue for a whole sour cherry pie. As if we had not walked far enough today, we volunteered to pick up the pie and bring the supper B & K hadContinue reading “the Great Pie Caper”