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Spring is in the Air?

All photos taken on March 16, 2022. Something was different today on our forest walk. The air felt different, our moods were different. Was it, could it be, dare we hope that…..spring was here? Nah, best not to get our hopes up too soon. Spring is in the Air? © Soft caresses of warm MarchContinue reading “Spring is in the Air?”

Out of the Blue or is that Blew?

All photos taken on March 12, 2022. Out of the Blew © Out for a walk or perhaps a sail west winds blowing, hard as in a gale. White cloud puffs scudding across blue sky, golden sun shining down from on high. Winter or spring, which season is true? Often hard to guess, out ofContinue reading “Out of the Blue or is that Blew?”

Owl Be Seeing You in all the Old Familiar Places

All photos taken on March 8, 2022. If you don’t like the weather here, just wait 5 minutes is an oft heard refrain in our part of the world. We were conflicted on whether to do our weekly forest walk today or not. The forecast promised a mix of sun and cloud and limited orContinue reading “Owl Be Seeing You in all the Old Familiar Places”

What Goes Up………

All photos taken on March 6, 2022. We’ve all heard that saying…”What Goes Up, Must Come Down”. It can refer to a variety of things, such as hiking in the mountains, climbing a lot of stairs, firing a gun up into the air, well, maybe a bit less on this last one. But, the statementContinue reading “What Goes Up………”

Red Sky Refrain

All photos taken on February 6, 2022. Turns out I was a bit optimistic on our arrival time at home by about half an hour, but I was right that we would get home before dark. Red Sky Refrain © Tanka Leaving at sunrise returning home at sunset. to red sky refrain. Three thousand kilometersContinue reading “Red Sky Refrain”


All photos taken on February 6, 2022. I must admit, Jasper National Park and the Alberta boundary were a welcome sight on this day. We were thrilled to reach the Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains and be only 4 hours away from home. This was our 9th trip along this route in under 2Continue reading “Parked”

Nothin’ But Blue Skies From Now On

All photos taken on February 6, 2022. At long last, the fog seemed to burn off and we were left with sunny blue skies and very wet roads. We were lucky to have lots of washer fluid with us, as we had to continually use the wipers to clear the windshield. When the car windowsContinue reading “Nothin’ But Blue Skies From Now On”

I Haven’t the Foggiest

All photos taken on February 6, 2022. Given that it was a good 10 hour drive from Kamloops to home, we were up early, so we could leave close to first light. I grabbed some things from the breakfast room downstairs and brought them back to the room. We opted to go to Starbucks toContinue reading “I Haven’t the Foggiest”

March Mists

All photos taken March 5, 2022. Winter sunrises can be quite beautiful, but the one I captured on this March morn was unexpectedly beautiful. After cold temperatures and 15 cm (6 inches) fresh snow, the cold air was full of ice fog and hoar frost covered the winter scene. March Mists © Monitoring March morning.Continue reading “March Mists”


All photos taken on March 5, 2022. With everything covered in morning mist and icy rime, the sunrise looked promising, so I drove West of the city to catch morning’s arrival. Above me, the high tension power lines crackled under the influence of the frosty rime, which covered all stationary surfaces. As I snapped away,Continue reading “Frosty”